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Going Hybrid!

When you hear the term hybrid, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Automobiles? That's what I first think of, not programs! Six months ago, if you asked me what Zoom was, I would've guessed a PR agency, not my way of life.

So, here we are six months later as restrictions relax, we embark on a new phase of activity, the "hybrid" model-a mix of virtual and in-person programs.

First up is next week's field trip to Monmouth Battlefield State Park. Uncertain at first, this is shaping up to be a nice outing with a guided tour by the park's historian. Akin to coming out of hibernation, I am certainly looking forward to the warmth and conversation while learning about the historical significance of this Revolutionary moment in our backyard. How about you?

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1 Comment

Sep 10, 2020

Like Gina, the word hybrid previously referred to automobiles in my mind. I've owned a Prius since 2010, and love it, btw! Now, when I hear the word hybrid, my mind focuses on methods of teaching.

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