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Myth v. Reality

Myth: Older adults don't know how to use technology.

Reality, according to the latest research from Pew: 96% of ages 50-64 are online and 75% of ages 65+ are online.

Myth: Older adults don't shop online.

Reality: Online shopping among ages 65+ increased 60% since 2019.

Myth: Online programs just aren't the same as in person.

Reality: Some aspects aren't the same, but those ages 65+ have been enjoying added benefits of the virtual world. Besides convenience and comfort from home, here are responses from our program participants when asked about their online learning experience.

What's your reality? Share your thoughts with us!

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1 comentario

26 abr 2021

"Studying" with Gina and the Thinkers has opened up a whole world of learning for me. Thanks to Zoom I didn't miss a beat in my classes and the weather didn't even matter! Warm and cozy at my table with a cup of tea I enjoyed each class and the interaction with the other Thinkers. I am so thankful for technology today! Joan

Me gusta
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