Meet gina

Out of the Box Public Relations was founded with a mission of lifelong learning. An accredited public relations (APR) professional, Gina has more than 20 years experience in event planning and programs.

Service to the community is a cornerstone of the company. Gina is active in PRSAs Independent Practitioners Alliance and 2023 chair-elect.  


Think Out of the Box for elevating your organization through full-service communications planning, event planning, promotional materials and email marketing campaigns. 

Virtual or hybrid meetings? No problem. Think Out of the Box for full service Zoom account administration and tutorials for your webinars or meetings. 


Out of the Box works with communities, organizations & individuals to give the best lifestyle experience through affordable, interactive, educational programs. 


Gina provides wellness professionals two decades of program planning experience behind customized programs with a personal touch.


Looking to promote well-being, mental stimulation and interaction with one another-all from the convenience of home? 

Think Out of the Box!

Program packages include publicity, Zoom setup, live moderation & discussion- right out of the box.  

Onsite programs available in the North Florida area.

Out of the Box Public Relations Inc. is proud to be a certified WOSB and New Jersey SBE and WBE company.