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Educational Programs for Lifelong Learning

Out of the Box offers interactive, educational virtual and in-person programs for individuals, organizations and communities.

Zoom tutorials provide a fun & easy way for your residents to learn tech.


Consulting includes promotional materials design, email marketing and guidance for optimizing your WFH Zoom presence.

Ready to think OUT OF THE BOX? 

Out of the Box Public Relations Inc. is proud to be a certified New Jersey SBE and WBE company.


What people say

As the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, POV’s Community Network had to transition to virtual events and screenings. Our longest- running documentary series was being forced to upgrade our community website and film distribution systems in a matter of months.

Marketing and event production experience made Out of the Box Public Relations an excellent choice. Project management experience supported development and implementation of POV’s virtual screening program...research challenged us to think about audience engagement. 

I highly recommend consulting with Out of the Box if you are supporting community-focused, non-profit, arts or educational programming.

Asad Muhammad
Vice President of Impact and Engagement Strategy
American Documentary, Inc.

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