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Catch a Glimpse!

Where do you work? Or did work? Like most, since March 2020, I've been calling home my workplace....and like most, thought this would be temporary. So, I setup on a folding table and chair in our basement. As the months dragged on, definitely time for an upgrade!

So, I gave myself a promotion.

I got out of the mail room (basement) and secured a top floor corner office with a view. This corner office (guest room) is located on the SE corner of my home overlooking a water feature (neighbor's pool). It's not a swanky high rise but it's where I do business and I'll be honest, you can't beat the commute!

Share with me where you do business.

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joan Glunk
joan Glunk
Oct 14, 2020

I'm retired 5 years but my office was my car. For 14 years I provided in home therapy for cancer patients with lymphedema traveling to New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. I would take calls for appointments or talk to patients while on the road. Many newly trained therapists would ride with me to patient's homes to stand in on treatments in my mentoring program. Each week I would do a thorough "office cleaning" which was very necessary from all the out and in each day. Some days I would see as many as 5 patients which I logistically figured out early on if I wanted to always be on time. Consequently, driving is not my most favorite thing …


Blair Williams
Blair Williams
Oct 12, 2020

Good for you Gina. A room with a view is always stimulating

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