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Home means...

The wind is howling outside, holiday music hums from the radio and a steaming mug of cocoa wafts a chocolaty scent in the air. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I'm thinking about what home means to me.

A lot is different this year, but many things remain the same-the classic recipes for Thanksgiving. Now, I've tried a few turkey recipes over the years,

but settled on our present version with rosemary, sage and orange about 20 years ago. Same for the sides-comfort is returning to our favorites-butternut squash chowder, pepper jack cornbread, prosciutto mashed potatoes and our favorite of all, my grandmother's stuffing with mozzarella and Italian sausage (a meal in itself!)...and pies. Don't forget to make room for pie! Home is the scent of pies baking in the oven-pumpkin, apple and bourbon pecan.

Another home comfort is setting our dining table-my grandmother's from 1951- with a mix of her china pattern and ours. Gleaming crystal, shiny silver and fall linens transport me back to childhood as a young girl when I walked behind her around the same table as she taught me how to formally set the flatware and crystal.

What does home mean to you? A crackling fire? A house filled with family? Maybe a pillow fort in the living room? Share your memories with us. #family #memories

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