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In Memoriam: Jeff Shorr

Jeff Shorr was my friend, mentor, executive coach and the family I never had.

We’ve known one another for years, but his positive influence really carried me through the ups and downs this past year.

On almost a daily basis, we spoke about everything from collegiate football, politics and raising a family. He was disappointed about Penn State’s season, but we got him into watching Gator football as consolation.

Jeff advised me during my unexpected transition from employee to business owner, sharing lessons learned from his past businesses from pay phones to blouse manufacturing. Not having much business acumen, he was my go-to as I got off the ground. I titled a notebook “Calls with Jeff” filled with his sage advice.

Usually, our conversations opened with him asking how my company was doing. Now, Jeff would always razz me about its name, Out of the Box. He’d say, “How is under the boardwalk, under the bridge, doing?” and I’d correct him while we had a good laugh.

Jeff was always positive-no matter what his health situation presented that day.

While not officially related, Jeff was family to not only me, but my husband Jason. He volunteered to drive Jeff home from weekly dialysis and other appointments. While only in the car a short time together, Jason enjoyed Jeff’s company.

Not having him here leaves a hole in our lives but we know he’s at peace.

I keep looking at my phone thinking Jeff will be calling. I can hear him now, “Hey kiddo, how’s under the boardwalk doing today?”

February 28, 2021

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