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One Page Left...

It's here-we're down to one page on the calendar for 2020...31 days or 744 hours left.

When it comes down to it, we only had about 10 weeks of "normalcy" this year-and 8 of those were occupied with the typical New Year's resolutions to exercise more and eat less!

We've certainly been handed our challenges this year, from lockdowns to canceled celebrations and travel plans put on hold. Logistics of education and working from home-the dreaded bandwidth problem when EVERYONE is online at the same time...and power outages. Well, you can't control everything!

The silver lining-if this year has taught us anything-it's that we are creative & resilient.

We've shared more family time, new hobbies, learned new tech and exercised those snacking calories away with countless walks around the neighborhood.

We've taken up new routines. Kids learning at home & adjusting to everyone in the house all of the, you can't have both kids playing instruments at the same time while you're on a Zoom!

We've become thankful for any sense of normalcy-home comforts no matter how small they seem. Never a coffee drinker, the 3 o'clock latte is now my go-to.

Prior to March, did you imagine connecting with people from around the globe from the comfort & convenience of your home? I didn't.

Share what new things you've learned this year...and what you are looking forward to in 2021. #family #together

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