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Social Savvy Seniors

Are you in the 60 percent ages 50 and older that turn to YouTube to learn something new? Recently, I learned how to use advanced macro features in Word and how to build a contraption to more easily drain a water heater- all in the same afternoon!

Do you regularly keep in touch with family and friends through Facebook or use it to reconnect with your past? Our Out of the Box Thinkers group enjoys connecting over the simple things in life, whether it is a love for avocados or favorite toys as a child.

Another favorite is Pinterest. Similar to Facebook, the highest number of users are over the age of 50. Four out of ten in this category turn to this visual channel for all things lifestyle to create inspiration boards.

Pinterest was my go-to when it came to inspiration for building our deck, ideas for an under-the-sea- themed party, how to remove paint from clothing and what to do with the stockpile of tomatoes from our garden!

Let's hear it!

Share with us how you're getting social and what you're learning online.

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Jul 27, 2021

A few years ago I had a water leak in my basement. Utube showed me how to do minor masonry to make sure it never happens again. Also...if I can't figure out something on either my phone or laptop - utube to the rescue. Rather then just hitting buttons over and over (which I'm famous for.,,lol) I can find the answer to my questions quickly using utube.

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