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Thankful Top 10-What's Yours?

Although the holidays may look different this year, as we approach Thanksgiving, it's time to slow down and reflect. This is a challenge since the present circumstances make it easy to fall into complaining- isolated at home, monotony of daily life, why is Sam's Club always out of paper towels?...that list can go on and on and on.

Instead, I choose a gratitude list to reflect the positives in life:

  1. My husband & children

  2. Cheerleaders -my warm & loving friends

  3. Mentors past & present

  4. Good health

  5. Faith

  6. Comfortable home

  7. UF

  8. Global travel

  9. Past experiences

  10. New adventures

What is on your list? #thankful #gratitude #familyandfriends

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1 Comment

joan Glunk
joan Glunk
Nov 02, 2020

The #1 thing on my list is my good health. Without that, my entire life would be impacted in every way.

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