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The Power of Mentorship

It began in 1986-the power of a great teacher, Mrs. Stebbins. As we embark on new school year, I think about those who provide guidance in my life-past and present.

This past winter, I was given the opportunity to surprise my 6th grade reading teacher and what a treat for both of us. I last saw her close to 20 years ago and for the past 34 years, we've been corresponding through letters. Reflecting on my 10 year old self, she encouraged me to fall in love with books and keep in touch with people. Since, I've carried the book she inscribed to me at age 10 as I moved around the country (and she was delighted when I brought it out to show our audience). As a card maker, I think of her every time I create.

Moving forward in my life, I've been guided by teachers in other stages of my education, employment and business. In return, I've paid it forward, mentoring others. Who was the teacher or mentor that most impacted your life? #life #followme #fall

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