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You probably don't know what you're doing!

The #1question I ask prospective clients:

Why are you doing this?

Business goals

Many can't easily answer this question until more prodding and questions. (The answer "I want to have 10,000 likes or followers" is not valid!)

Effective public relations plans are built upon outcome-based objectives.

That sounds complicated! What are they?

An outcome-based objective is a specific and measurable goal that focuses on the desired end result or outcome of a particular activity, project, or initiative.

Unlike process-based objectives that emphasize the steps or activities taken to achieve a goal, outcome-based objectives define what you hope to accomplish or the impact you want to create. These objectives typically answer the question,

"What do we want to achieve?" and they help organizations or individuals set clear targets and assess the effectiveness of their efforts.

For example, an outcome-based objective for a nonprofit might be to "reduce the homeless population in the city by 20% within the next two years." This objective clearly states the desired outcome and provides a quantifiable target to #measure success.

So, what are you trying to accomplish?

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